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Visit Our Farm
Coconut Farm Tasting Tour


Plantation Style

Our tasting tour starts where everything on our farm starts, in the dirt! The most intriguing aspect of natural farming is how simple it is. We will show you how we make our own farming inputs to amend and maintain healthy living soil throughout our farm. You will also discover the life cycle of coconut trees and their unique evolution to become the most productive food crop on earth.

Husking a coconut
Ccoconut milk mustache


Besides sitting on a beach underneath a palm, there isn't a better way to taste the freshness of a Hawaiian coconut than straight from our farm. You will learn how to open and taste coconuts at varying stages of maturity, as well as numerous health benefits and creative culinary applications. We will also offer seasonally fresh native fruits that grow across the property.


The coconut is iconic throughout Hawaiian history. We have been very connected to this miraculous tree in many aspects of life, from building and shelter material, to textile and weaving, to sport and entertainment. We promote coconut awareness and hope to share this connection with you. Our goal is to teach, inspire, create lasting memories, and share a deep passion for what this earth can provide. 

Farm fresh coconut milk
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